Rodwin tours safari is a company that was establish in the year of 2014.

We are a company that strive for conservation of wild life and climate change.

Rodwin is the director and founder of Rodwin tours Safaris and is in partnership with his Wife (Mercia Septoe).


Rodwin grew up in a place called Katanga (Helenvale) which is channelled in Gangsterism although he has arisen through all challenges.

Even though growing up in the city with limited resources Rodwin is determined to make his business work.

Services Rendered:

v Airport transfer

v Tours

v Community transport


v We grew from 1 kombi to a total of 4 kombi’s

v Catering for small to bigger groups

v References

We do work for the following companies:

v Super group

v Shamwari

v Upright Risk and Cleaning Solutions

v Oraline